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13 DFW Restaurants With Amazing Views

Eater Dallas 5/20 4:41A Courtney E. Smith
Margaret’s | Jeremy Enlow Where to eat and drink around the Metroplex with amazing views Some say people eat with their eyes first, and that’s not wrong. Aesthetics do matter when it comes to...

Andreucci Winery Opens Location on Highway 290

Texas Wine Lover 5/18 4:31A Laurie Ware
A few years ago, it was hard to drive down Main Street in Fredericksburg without seeing the larger-than-life half-face of Flavio Andreucci staring back at you from the southeast corner of Washington...

The Ballad of Parker McCollum and Raising Cane’s

Eater Dallas 5/17 4:28A Courtney E. Smith
Parker McCollum | Courtney E. Smith How does Cane’s owner Todd Graves keep getting all these musicians to support his chicken strips? We thought it was a cute collab when Snoop Dogg worked the...

Garden Restaurant in Garland Offers A Fantastic Dim Sum

Crave DFW 5/17 3:14A Steven Doyle
by Steven Doyle You are most likely familiar with a handful of wonderful spots in Dallas to eek out decent dim sum.  We recently stumbled upon an additional find that until now has gone under our...

Step Into the World of Panna Cotta

Crave DFW 5/16 6:50A Steven Doyle
If you dine out with any frequency you have most likely been served Panna Cotta, which is a chef s go-to when needing a simple dessert quickly. It is a dessert that every chef can make well, and flavor in a way that makes it their own. We will...

The History of Pung Pao Chicken

Crave DFW 5/16 6:23A Steven Doyle
Kung Pao Chicken, a timeless masterpiece hailing from the celestial land of China, tantalizes the taste buds with its fiery essence. This culinary marvel is beautifully crafted using succulent chicken, meticulously diced into petite cubes,...

Why Dry-Aged Fat Is Key to the Menu at Margaret’s

Eater Dallas 5/16 4:08A Courtney E. Smith
Margaret’s executive chef Jonah Friedmann. | JW Marriott Dallas Arts District Executive chef Jonah Friedmann wants a collaborative kitchen that’s always reducing it’s carbon footprint through...

DFW-based La Pulga Spirits

Crave DFW 5/15 7:54A Steven Doyle
One year ago, three local entrepreneurs launched La Pulga Tequila, a new spirit produced and bottled in Mexico, but born here in Dallas/Fort Worth. As the company celebrates its one year anniversary,...
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