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Samone Allen, a Greenville, Mississippi native and current resident of McKinney, Texas debuts her first title, "When Desire Meets Freedom: #WontHeDoIt."  In this title, she shares her testimony of her life's hardships and how she finally broke through to freedom.  From losing her mother at a young age, to third party involvement in a national murder case - Samone's testimony is sure to encourage you to take a hold on faith, and never let go.


"A compelling testimony of when prayers of the righteous availeth much; it brought me to tears of worship!"

-Zoë Davis, Publisher

"It takes me back to my own childhood and gives me a new perspective on the experiences that I often didn't understand."

-Toni Chevelle, Author

"It tells an amazing story of resilience and perseverance.  Once I started, I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end."

-Lakeisha Wilson, Videographer

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