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A film company, birthed in the Delta of Mississippi, takes a leap into educating its audience on the controversial topic of "Black Hebrew Israelites.

This film features Pastor Ruben Lewis being interviewed as he answers such questions as 

  1. So you believe that Black people in America are the true Hebrews from Biblical time? How did you come to this conclusion or what would you say promoted you in the direction of this knowledge?
  2. We know that you’ve been studying and teaching this truth for years now. Can you sum up the top three reasons that this knowledge is important to us in 2021?
  3. Can you give us a brief summary of the timeline of Hebrew Israelites that can be supported with scripture? 

The film has been published worldwide, and is currently streaming live on Tubi TV, Emblaze TV, Witness Legend YouTube channel, and is awaiting release from Amazon Prime. It is scheduled to premiere at the beginning of Black History Month on The ONPoint Network TV, a media company from Alabama. 

The purpose of the film is to educate those who may have a grave misunderstanding of what one would mean when they say that they identify as a "Hebrew Israelite." The film's director, Lakendrick Davis, wishes to bring a different type of awareness (and possibly even ignite conversation and study) into subject.  


Over 80,000 viewers have watched this documentary on YouTube alone.

What are people saying?

 - “Excellent documentary!!!!! Love this (watched 3 times already)!!! Blessings”
 - “This was beautifully done. I had to read the Book with fresh eyes, set aside what I've been dictated, before I understood it. It's a simple story if you just take it for what it says, and observe the world around you.
Well done, Elder!”
 - “This is the knowledge I’ve been starving for. With so much going on in the world today the timing of the message is perfect. Thank you Pastor Lewis !”
 - “I have watched this numerous times, this is so profound.”
 - “As a past racist coming to the Father's truth has changed my life....this was amazing sir. Scattered amongst the nations...”
 - “Where can I hear more from this man? I've been awoken of this truth since 2014, and to see fresh research on this is amazing!”
 - “No matter how many times I listen to his teaching, it adds more and more to my understanding. WE ARE THE PEOPLE.”

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