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Ella Neal was born February 11th in Houston, Texas to Dominique and Christopher. She studies Math, Science, Reading, and Computer classes. Ella’s strives to study very hard and be great at these subjects, though it can be overwhelming at times. She is constantly working on becoming a model and actress once a week. It definitely can be challenging for her walking the runway as well. When interacting with her family, she enjoys playing games and coming up with ideas to make money with them. She enjoys playing outside, Science, and spending quality time doing artwork. She’s always on time at school and she never gives up on herself. Ella believes that reading is very important in life. Ella wrote her first e-book, "Eloise & the Frosted Snowman" and published it January 25.

Book Synopsis:

Meet Eloise, her school friends, and the frosted snow man! On what feels like a normal school day, Eloise is simply excited to get to school, learn and then play but perhaps something in her knew that this day would be special! At first, she goes throughout her normal school day routine and then decides to play with her friends, Jack and Martha, during recess. They all decide to build a snow man! To their surprise, the snowman has a lot in store for them on this winter day!

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