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The Naked Truth: Purity Event for Moms & Daughters



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The Naked Truth

Sexual purity speaker Zoë Dee Speaks is hosting a virtual purity event for mothers and daughters! 

She asks, 

- What age is appropriate to teach a young girl that her vagina naturally lubricates? Or what signs to look for if they have the wrong type of discharge?
- Do you remember the conversation an adult told you about your body? Did you ever have “that conversation”?


Many times while we are avoiding the conversation, they are having other conversations with their peers, listening to suggestive and even sexual language in their music, and watching the same on television. Even worse, their innocence is able to be taken advantage of because too many think they are “too young.” It’s time we are making sure our daughters are knowledgeable and prepared to make better decisions with better information. 

The event covers information on the following

  • Female  and Male Anatomy
  • Menstruation cycle and Conception
  • Honoring Virginity

Registration is available at

The event has a separate more private option as a course that can be found here >


About Zoë

A product of statutory rape and an extramarital relationship, Zoë Dee passionately travels statewide sharing her story and teaching young and old on how to escape the strongholds and oppression related to biblical sexual purity, marriage, and adultery. Having been healed from the pains of absentee father, failed relationships, toxic cycles, abuse and more - she desires to pull her audience into the same or greater aspect of healing so that we can ultimately fulfill our individual and collective callings. She is an educator, entrepreneur, artist, and is the author of over nine titles - including the compelling writings of #aCall2Purity, Sexually Wise, Sexual Skeletons, Circumcise My Heart, and more.  

After nine years of teaching, Zoë left the public classroom to pursue full time entrepreneurship as a speaker, publisher, and life coach.  She is well sought after as a speaker and her titles are reaching international audiences.  Zoë is currently the mother of four children and in her daily time she focuses on fulfilling her purpose as a wife, mother, and homemaker.

For more information on Zoë, visit