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M&P Creative Collaborates with Europe’s MixBus TV and Find Your Strength channels hosted by sound engineer David Gnozzi to develop open source online learning platform


Irving, TX May 3, 2018– Michael and Pia Pulido of M&P Creative, a home-based business and creative development studio, announces its international partnership with Europe’s Rockstar Studio, a premiere mixing and mastering studio with sound engineer David Gnozzi. He hosts two fast-growing Youtube channels MixBus TV and Find Your Strength as the preferred open source platform to power a cutting-edge online learning portal and motivational channel.


With over 50,000 subscribers and counting, MixBus TV is a fast-growing YouTube channel and learning platform that features courses in mixing and mastering by sound engineer David Gnozzi who holds experience in producing award-winning albums.


Find Your Strength, a new Youtube motivational channel, will increase viewers’ access to quality lessons on the basics of growth and success in life, but it will also power up a workout session for anyone who needs extra motivation.


Both channels have one mission: to demystify the learning process and create a collaborative global learning community. The platforms are available to all ages.


M&P Creative will design, develop, and execute content and learning resources for both channels to expand the reach beyond mixing and mastering enthusiasts and workout aficionados.


“There’s a lot more to sound engineering than ‘pushing faders,’ and David’s MixBus TV channel offers behind the scenes insights that require many soft skills that can only be learned hands-on,” says Michael Pulido, founder and operator of M&P Creative.


“Can you listen, concentrate, and manage the development lifecycle from concept to final deliverable of a project? Do you know how to behave in the presence of a rock star or a corporate executive? These skills are essential to all 21st-century learners.”


In addition to the mixing and mastering channel, Gnozzi’s new channel, Find Your Strength, will attract both workout aficionados and those who value work ethic. Global partners are confident in the efforts to demystify the learning process to help learners collaborate and produce high-quality resources for each other.


“Education is a lifelong process, so it should be fun and engaging,” says Pia Pulido, co-owner, educator, and lead content strategist for M&P Creative. “As a partner of Mixbus TV and Find Your Strength, we are transforming the learning process not by recreating the system through technology, but rather by creating new learning environments.”


In Europe, David Gnozzi wrote, “M&P Creative is all about doing work worth doing! We both share the philosophy of making changes happen by motivating, inspiring, and getting stronger. Together, we hope to educate many people to find their strength.”


M&P Creative is a business and creative development studio providing services from collaborative marketing strategists. MixBus TV and Find Your Strength are YouTube channels created by Europe-based David Gnozzi, an award-winning sound engineer and owner of Rockstar Studio. For more information, contact Pia Pulido


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