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Graduating seniors reunite with their former classmates and teachers from middle school to unveil letters they wrote to their future selves.

Four years after assigning her 8th grade English students a bellringer writing prompt, Travis Middle School teacher Pia Pulido returned the assignment during a reunion at the school library. The students are seniors who are graduating in May 2019.


The assignment was a bellringer writing prompt called, “Dear Future Me.”


Students were encouraged to write letters to their future selves describing how they felt at the moment and what they were hoping to accomplish. These letters were dated and submitted in 2014 when the students were 13 and 14 years old.


Now at 17 or 18 years old, students recently opened the letters they wrote in a small reunion ceremony hosted by their former English teacher at the school library.


Some of the few lines they wrote were:


Dear Future Me: I hope you still care about your parents. If you are successful, make sure you take care of everyone.”


“Dear Future Me: I want your life decisions to be great. I hope you didn’t settle for anything less than you deserve.”


Recently, a group of about 50 students and a few more of their former teachers gathered at the Travis library to unveil the letters and reflect on what they envisioned.


“I know these letters have become more valuable to the seniors now because it’s not just another time filler assignment like they thought it was. It’s meaningful to them, and I hope that they continue to write to themselves and for themselves in the future,”  says Mrs. Pulido.


Mrs. Pulido and her students plan to meet again in their 2024 reunion which will  hit the ten-year mark of their “Dear Future Me” assignment.

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