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Growing up in poverty gave Irving-based Succeed On Purpose founder, Terri Maxwell, an interesting perspective on wealth. Fortunately, contrast is a teacher that frequently bears gifts.

For decades she studied every mindset tool, eagerly trying to make the Law of Attraction work consistently. 

Face it. Few people can apply the Law of Attraction and get results every time. For some, it works occasionally, and others, not at all. 

Why is that?

Her quest to find answers uncovered several insights on obstacles preventing prosperity and abundance: 

1) The biggest obstacle to the Law of Attraction is our fear that we are not powerful enough to create what we want. Let that sink in for a minute. 

The truth is we fear we can’t actually create what we desire. Thus, no prosperity method, much less the Law of Attraction, will ever work until we overcome this fear. It doesn’t matter what tool we use, nothing will work consistently unless we release the fear that we are not powerful enough to create abundance.

2) What we desire and what we expect we can have are not aligned. Needless to say, this derails success. 

We can want financial freedom all day long, but if we don’t expect it’s possible, we will inadvertently create what we expect, not what we want. 

The reason why our desires and expectations are not aligned is that they come from different places. Desire comes from our soul. The soul communicates through desire. 

Expectations are driven by the ego, and these expectations come with a “governor-like” mechanism that lowers expectations constantly. Sometimes it is to protect us from disappointment or fear however, this downward pull on what we expect derails success.

3) We get what we focus on BUT we don’t know how to focus on abundance. 

For many, the concept of abundance (having more than we need) is either foreign, negative, or at least uncomfortable. Since focus and intention are critical to manifest abundance, we will fail if we don’t and can’t maintain our focus singularly on what we desire.

Is there a better way? Yes. 

She designed a series of experiments to prove to herself (and later to a test group) that we are indeed capable of creating what we want. Consistently.

What did the experiment reveal? 

1) The Law of Attraction doesn’t work as long as the ego is driving. 

If we can deploy a method to get the ego to cooperate, the chances of success skyrockets. The ego needs a plan and obsesses over “how” to make the Law of Attraction work. Herein lies the problem. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual LAW, not a method! But the ego needs a process, a method, a roadmap. 

What she found is that if we give the ego a map and a specific role in the journey, while letting the soul drive, we can manifest just about anything. 

2Desire is the key to creating abundance.

Unfortunately, most of us have given up our desires and aren’t even sure what we want anymore. So, unleashing desire and listening to what our soul wants, is paramount to creating abundance.

So, now what?

Succeed On Purpose developed the Prosperity Challenge for you to learn how to create abundance consistently, as well as prove (to yourself) that you are powerful enough to create what you want. And, as with all our programs, we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. Period.

You are more powerful than you believe and you can successfully create what you want. 

Learn how to tap in and unleash the soul’s desires and ensure the ego cooperates. 

The results of the Prosperity Challenge have been astonishing. Here are a few quotes from participants: 

- “I was able to raise my fees by 20% after the first 2 lessons.”

- “I created enough income to give my family the vacation we always dreamed of. 

- “It is hard to put in a sentence how amazing and impactful The Prosperity Challenge is. It’s like taking the scales from your eyes until you see everything in a totally different way.” 

- “It worked! I was asked to be a speaker at a conference next month!” 

- “Two amazing potential clients appeared within weeks!” 

These are just a few stories from participants in the Prosperity Challenge. 

Terri wants to show you how to create abundance consistently. We're offering our local community a special 25% discount on the Prosperity Challenge. Use code ATTRACTABUNDANCE at checkout to save.

Come join us as we build a community powered by abundance!

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