Oct 28 2013
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Have you ever noticed that no matter where we are in life, we always seem to what more?

I mean, seriously. When things aren’t going well, we naturally wish they were better. But even when life is going our way, it’s easy to imagine dozens of ways that it could be improved.

I used to think wanting more was a bad thing, almost a curse from our consumerist society known as America.  For some reason, because I wanted more, it felt like there was something wrong with what I had.

The truth is, we were DESIGNED for more.

We are born with an internal yearning for improvement. Our soul was designed to grow, improve and BE more.

Unfortunately, for many, our ego transposed this innate desire for “MORE” and confused us in several ways.

First, we got confused by the desire for more and turned it into wanting more things, more money, and more stuff.  This is like trying to quench thirst with a beverage that makes us thirstier. It feels as if we can never get enough. This confusion created a need for “getting more” versus God’s real intent for us, which is to BE MORE.

We internalized that who we are today is not enough because this desire for more feels insatiable. That “not enough” feeling digs the hole deeper and instead of being more, we accept less.

The truth of it is: We don’t want to do more, or even have more. What we are really seeking is to BE MORE. That is the real thirst to address.

Becoming more is a process that starts with accepting who we are today as “enough.”  We can’t be more if we’re not comfortable with who we are today.

Second, we have to understand that the desire for more isn’t about things, money or success. It’s about meaning, growth and purpose. We want more meaning, not more things.

And for what’s it worth, this song from Ten Avenue North sums up the entire search for more.

  • “You are more than the choices that you’ve made.”
  • “You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.”
  • “You are more than the problems you’ve created.”

It’s time to BE MORE.

Here’s the Ten Avenue North video, “You are more…”


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