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Are you a foodie? Do you LOVE chaat? How many pani puris can you down at one time? Lets see, shall we?

What? Pani Puri competition Where? Bombay Chowpatty, Irving When? 5 pm to 7pm, September 21st, 2014

Here’s your chance to indulge in some guilt-free gluttony. All proceeds from this event go towards supporting the charity, Vibha.

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About the contest

There will be a preliminary round of 4 groups each, with each group consisting of 12 people. This is a timed event. Whoever eats the maximum in one minute will go to the next round. We will pick three winners from each group. So, the final round will have 12 contestants as well. The prizes for the winners are:

1st Prize: $100 Gift Certificate 2nd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate 3rd Prize: $25 Gift Certificate Surprise Gift for each registrant

!"619-566-6358825#W Royal Lane #130 Irving TX 75039

About Bombay Chowpatty

Bombay Chowpatty, is one of the most famous public beaches adjoining Marine Drive in the Gurgaon area of Mumbai, India. We, at Bombay Sizzlers, wanted to create the same atmosphere that you would find at Bombay Chowpatty - bhelpuri, pani puri, ragda patties and pav bhaji vendors on the beach (we tried to create the beach scene with a big poster). With this passion we launched Bombay Chowpatty in Irving in July 2014. Bombay Sizzlers Inc. the company behind Bombay Chowpatty is a Dallas based hospitality company whose main mission is to bring the true spirit of Akha Mumbai (Complete Mumbai) to Dallas.

About Vibha

Founded in 1991, today, Vibha has a volunteer network of over 800 volunteers spread across 15 Action Centers (Atlanta, Austin, Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Twin Cities - Minnesota, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Washington DC) and several other cities across the US and India. Till date, they have supported over190 projects in India and the US.

“Our mission is to educate, empower and enable every individual who wishes to make a positive difference in the life of the underprivileged child.”

!"619-566-6358825#W Royal Lane #130 Irving TX 75039 

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