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The summer day campers at Emma’s House are now ”Eco-Superheroes,” thanks to a visit by Keep Irving Beautiful (KIB) and their recycling mascot “Buddy the Blue Bag” on July 25.  KIB staff members brought activity books which focused on caring for the environment, encouraging practices like energy and resource conservation, picking up litter, and recycling.  Campers played a game where they matched recyclable materials like plastic bottles and newspaper with new items that are made from them.  They learned that most of what is typically thrown away can actually be recycled.  After the presentation, Buddy Blue Bag made his appearance, posing for photos and showing off his dance moves with the campers.


Emma’s House is, a non-profit organization that provides after-school and summer activities for teens and young adults with intellectual disabilities, and is known as a “special place for special people.” They teach vocational and life skills while offering a variety of fun activities, including participating in KIB’s “Adopt-a-Spot” program.  

“Visiting Emma’s House is a highlight of the summer,” said KIB board member Chuck Kirk.  “The staff always gets a warm welcome from the day campers, and they especially enjoy when we bring the mascots.  The leaders here make recycling and energy conservation important parts of their daily routine, so the campers are very familiar with the concepts.”    

 If you are interested in volunteering with KIB, or making your activity a “green event,” please go to  or call (972) 721-2175.

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