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The City of Irving recorded a 34 percent decrease in the amount of litter across the city, according to Keep Irving Beautiful’s (KIB) 2019 Litter Index Survey.


This year, the overall average score was 1.26 compared to the previous year’s score of 1.90. The survey accessed nine areas throughout Irving, which included residential and commercial areas. The survey was conducted on Oct. 18.


“The Litter Index Survey helps identify areas that might need some cleanup attention, but it also shows how most of the Irving neighborhoods are well maintained,” said KIB board member Margie Stripes.


The Litter Index is one of the requirements for KIB to maintain its President’s Circle level. KIB attributes the decrease in litter to its efforts in educating and engaging with the Irving community, as well as through programs, such as Adopt-a-Spot and green events.


During the survey, KIB volunteers independently rank the areas with numbers one to four based on the amount of visible litter. A one rank indicates the least amount of visible litter and a four describes the area as “extremely littered.”


At the end of the survey, all the scores are compiled and averaged. Afterwards, the survey’s percentage is determined by comparing the average number to the baseline score.


KIB conducts the Litter Index Survey every year in October. The organization started tracking litter in Irving back in 2001.

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