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Thorough Costs & Time assessments are crucial to a successful project


I have heard it all.

From a General Contractor telling me he can do in 15 days,…to it’s only “This Much”… to do that task…


An experienced General Contractor (GC) should never over promise and then under deliver. That GC should also not say “Off the Cuff”, how much something may cost.

Guessing at these will only bring doubt and possible failures to the project.

Though it has been done by the best, your interior designer can help wrangle your GC into the real world and work through the calendar and costs assessment.


Research takes time.

I know so many of us expect instant results.

Whether it’s a GC or Builder - be realistic in your goals.

Be Honest too.


Would you stretch your neck out to over promise something to one of your loved ones, only to under whelm them?.

No,… you most likely wouldn’t.


Give your professionals time to do a budget and get all the estimates in for all aspects of your project.

And let your Interior Designer help.


We know more than most realize.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020