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Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story comic book. Photo credit – Jeremy Lock

Presented by Mercury One, 12 Score & 3 Years Ago: The Unfinished Promise of Unity is an unforgettable, immersive, pop-up museum exploring slavery and abolition, celebrating the lives of black heroes and innovators in the United States. Held over Independence Day celebrations during the weekends of June 29 – 30 and July 4 – 7 at Mercury Studios, the exhibit provides over 100 artifacts, photographs, and historical documents, five eye-opening augmented reality experiences, and educational tools that provide a fascinating insight into our country’s history. The museum will equip visitors to leave as modern-day freedom fighters.

Mercury One’s 12 Score is an annual exhibition, following up on last year’s “Rights and Responsibilities” museum pop-up. For the first time, the exhibit is partnering with five world-class organizations including: The African American Museum of Dallas, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas Historical Society, and Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture. The museum will also host a retail boutique of beautiful jewelry, artwork, eco-friendly accessories, and more from local African American artisans.

Curated by Mercury One Associate Curator Courtney Mayden, a few of the highlighted artifacts include: a 19th Century covered wagon, a note from Abraham Lincoln, mourning dress worn by Mary Todd-Lincoln, Brown Bess Musket from the Revolutionary War, the 1936 Olympic Torch, The Negro Motorist’s Green Book (1949 Edition), Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story comic book, plaster cast of George Washington Carver’s hands and face, replica of the Resolute Desk from the Oval Office, and so much more! Another first, the museum will be providing a series of augmented reality experiences, from a covered wagon to a photo from Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration. A visit to 12 Score will conclude with a moving look at slavery today, as millions remain locked in human trafficking around the world.

Founded by media personality, entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author Glenn Beck, Mercury One is a non-profit humanitarian aid and education organization focused on restoring the human spirit. Initiatives include the Leadership Training Program, which provides students the opportunity to study first-hand our nation’s funding documents and artifacts, assisting our veterans, providing aid to those in disaster and crisis, and restoring the lives of persecuted Christians and others who have been displaced, held captive and enslaved around the world.

12 Score & 3 Years Ago: The Unfished Promise of Unity will run from June 29 - 30 and July 4 - 7 at Mercury Studios located at 6301 Riverside Drive, Irving, TX 75039. Self-guided tours are available every 15 minutes between the hours of: 8AM – 8PM (June 29); 11AM – 5PM (June 30); 9:30AM – 5PM (July 4); 12PM – 7:30PM (July 5); 8AM – 7:30PM (July 6); 11:45AM – 5PM (July 7). General admission tickets are $20 for adults; $10 for children; $15 for seniors. VIP tours are also available with Curator Courtney Mayden for $50, WallBuilders historian David Barton for $350, and Mercury One founder and award-winning author Glenn Beck for $750. Tickets may be purchased online at Walk-ups are also welcome. For more information, visit or call (972) 499-4747.



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